The Reproduction of Psychoanal Cysts: A Case of Dual Pathological Projective Identification

Zev Aaron
22 min readSep 14, 2022



And so “he ascribed many diseases to the unequal distribution of it and offers to cure many by restoring equilibrium. His System, singular as it is, has more friends than enemies. His house is so crowded that there are seldom fewer than two hundred people in it at one time, and that in succession from morning to night. He has already sold his Secret to above a hundred and fifty persons for a hundred guineas each. In the middle of the room is placed a vessel of about a foot and a half high, which is called here a bacquet. It is so large that twenty people can easily sit around it. Near the edge of the lid which covers it, there are holes pierced corresponding to the number of persons who are to surround it. Into these holes are introduced iron rods bent at right angles outwards, and of different heights so as to answer to the part of the body to which they are to be applied. Besides these rods, there is a rope which communicates between the bacquet and one of the Patients; and from him it is carried to another; and so on the whole round. The most sensible effects are produced on the appearance of Mesmer, who is said to carry the fluid by certain motions of his hands or eyes without touching the person. Convulsions are occasioned and removed by a movement of the hand.”

From Dr. John Grieve — physician to the mad tsar Paul I, today theorized as spectrum disorder, the humane optimization of the blunt-forced trauma of the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders — to Dr. Joseph Black — inventor of magnesium, latent heat, and carbon dioxide — concerning the induction of curative crises through the establishment of rapport in 1784.

Rod and rope form circuit.


The lifted sacrament glistens in ecstasy, bursting forth — through its cellular confines into the vitreous bath. Swaddled in the stream’s hydraulic embrace, seized by destiny, the holy sign is propelled by little motored machines and delivered over to its destination where its encoded catalytic summons is uncorked and unleashed. The mellifluous call echoes throughout the chamber, skipping along its sebaceous circumference, calling to arms its sacred kin. And so they come. Slinking out from obscurity like the first out-of-joint land mammals beholding the celestial vault, the summoned for nearly an instant cast around for what has drawn them. At once they are swept away by the effervescing grip of the biotic plasma to join their kin in the synthesis of their ideal form. So precise is their dedication that it would seem they gathered at the foot of Sinai awaiting sublation by Syrian rue. Indeed, without the utmost precision, all is lost.

For nearly an instant only, as the motive force circulates, coalescing an electrogenic field and oscillating throughout the rapt camp, the fate of the precious gift hangs in the balance. At once the holy signal is shuttled into the portmanteau, disappearing from sight into the molecular ark as if the in-between anxiety of visibility could not be borne. Therein does the sanctified sacrament dwell, bound to secrecy within but not only bound within. For it turns out. Standing in reserve, awaiting another summons, it has its chains loosed when time corrects itself. Each attempt against the actin cage swells our hope. The fate of the one will determine the fate of the many. The final reversal of the contrariety holding all in place severs itself. The sheaf folds out. The sheath snaps. And through the shaft the lifted sacrament falls.

Trembling through the microscopic gravitational plunge, the weighted history of this קֹדֶשׁ הַקֳּדָשִׁים comes forth, drawing the holy signal to its mate. Adjacent spirals come beneath the sway of the tent of meeting, conjugating, holding fast through the cataclysm, bound by the entropic vicissitudes of destiny. When their latencies burst, the repulsive stasis of the estranged integuments terminates. Inward pressures build. The one swells into the other. They fuse. Burst asunder, the sacred beatifies the profane, ejaculating that most holy cargo upon the synaptic cleft, unleashing an ancient supplication:

Saith Anubis:
Grant a coming forth of cakes and beer in the presence of Osiris.
There is no fault in my body, not have I spoken lies with knowledge,
not have I acted with double intent.
I see the concealed things in Re-stau this.
I read the book of the service of the Soul in Tettetu.
I know god that who is in it.
Who then is he?
Ra is his name, or the phallus it is of Ra when he uniteth with himself.
Now that which is and that which shall be
Eternity it is and Everlastingness,
Eternity is the day,
Everlastingness is the night.
Who then is he?


As it is with Hasidism and Judaism, without psychoanalysis psychotherapy falls. Like Christianity, only psychoanalysis itself can terminate itself — upon the Cross. We in Gethsemane await a gift.


In the beginning, the hypnotic master, of the Father, Hippolyte Bernheim seized the psycho-therapeutic action from its semantic inventor, psychiatrist Daniel Hack Tuke, whose lineage pioneered the moral treatment in founding The Retreat, where manacles were replaced, or rather absorbed, introjected that is, it’s the sort of place that costs three thousand dollars per day, take for example the 44-acre fellowship-offering 501(c)(3) Silver Hill Hospital (208 Valley Road in New Canaan: Your courage. Our commitment. Working together to get you better) but then of course the prisoners did not pay the warden. This man Bernheim, in the beginning, was castigated by Janet (whom the Father robbed as Cronus would have at the founding) for neglecting magnetic rapport, the mesmerizing fluid unleashing spiritual communication, in other words, the transference, in other words, the contrived relation of the laboratory experiment, in other words the moneymaker. Bernheim neglected it in hypnosis, the mesmerist key, so said Janet, so Bernheim told Charcot that in 1891 (when the Father’s first book On Aphasia a rejection of the biological localization of speech, an assumption of functional and topographical potency, an exploitation of surplus psychiatric power, a biological deployment of displacement and projection — makes known his genius amidst the abandonment of hypnosis, amidst the discovery of that non-suggestive speech technique liberating its objects) “one would not believe how many neuropaths and hysterics we are liable to produce by unconscious suggestion: we create neuralgia, hysterogenic zones. We externalize our conceptions on the patient; we fabricate an observation with the preconceived ideas we have in our mind.”

By means of action — agere sequitur esse — deranged from center the underman takes over in articulo mortis by crime and hermitage. The self there becomes without paying another for malevolent expertise, for an excuse to persist impoverished in actual poverty, to surrender essential capacities for becoming to the expert impoverished in actuality and rich in phantasmic commodities. The becoming one there need not weekly, biweekly, triweekly, and tetraweekly, God forbid the daily complacency-inhibition ego-pill, validation and explanation for the essence aligns within itself, beyond ego-capital, ego-word, ego-representation. Values have revalued themselves, abandoning the present void, in essential alignment and thus principled does he trudge and thrive and luxuriate and love needlessly, only willingly beneath impoverished research, labor, and constant activity, beneath the emptiness of time and spirit that money cannot fill. With him the science of being rich fails. With him, within the real, the play of becoming vital thrives.

The contagion of vir(tu)al speech, of vir(tu)al data, codifies and is codified by the contagion of the psychological narrative laid out in advance by TalkSpace — one hundred thirteen million six hundred seventy one thousand dollars in annual revenue with a fifty nine percent profit margin and eighty thousand so-called business-to-business so-called sessions, an emerging specialty— and Christian confessional procedure, the saturation of symbolic and imaginary landscapes and Consumption, the optimization of behavior by how-to recipes and 4,000,000,000,000 dollars spent annually on health-care. Driven by mobile remote biopolitical office silos fueled by Freudian hypergolic propellants combusting upon transferential contact, by hyperlogic, therapeutic discourse proliferates exponentially while sealing secrets, while, like a Bitcoin, proliferating through scarcity. Through this hyperlogic of circulating office launch centers networked by the on-demand storage, omnipresent antennae, and collapsing tunnels of vir(tu)ality, proliferation proliferates by psychotherapeutics and smart-phone (social-media), by massification — by intimacy and performance, scopophilia and exhibitionism, Consumption and conservation.

But the undertaker, he who resides with the dead, goes over where the monetary representation of the mass-produced secret fails, where the esteemed Confessor strikes dumb, indeed there does the underman take over — de mortuis aut bene aut nihil.

Smart-phone (social-media), breaking-news (identity politics), and psychotherapy together gather the discursive production of reesentiment by means of vir(tu)alization. This production requires reproduction, as all production does, as any child reared technically knows: reproduction unfolds through a generational shifting baseline syndrome. Orthogonally synthesized by their reproductions of existential (insignificance and) significance, smart-phone social media, breaking-news identity politics, and psychotherapy self-reproduce through vir(tu)al networks driving the indefinite postponement of the therapeutic field. This Penrose triangle of vir(tu)ality spreads through infinite discourse, through the simulacra of representation that cover a territory that no longer exists, through an industry of reportage, commentary, analysis, research, and assessment that between 2016 to 2021 swelled from 600,000 to 1,000,000, thereby inducting at least 12,000,000 new tricks, at least 12,000,000 new patient clients circulating the Word through a smart-phone (social-media) stampede collapsing in upon itself as packed sardines in an aquarium do: the group is ideologically pressed upon itself so forcefully that its thinking circuits cannot autonomously operate, the intensifying pressure unleashes thought annihilation shockwaves, circuitries suffocate through the horizontal and vertical stackings of the sardine mass grave. In this way have patient clients found induction into infoldedness, collapsing inward, turning into himself through a controlled demolition egged on by an exuberant audience. Thus does his Consumption breaches 225,000,000,000 dollars at the least — at the least because the acceleration of vir(tu)alization, the broadening of the disciplinary circuit, itself undercounts itself in humility.

Elsewhere does the undertaker go over alone always, and with others when feasible, armed not with the superfluities and certainties of scientism and representative money but with the courage to die at any moment without solace. Thus shielded, his endurance no longer must endure the correctly programmed infoldment of representation trickling down like an irregularly structured Chinese water torture. There does the underman take over.

Pathologization and psychologization drive an infolding — the infoldment of closure closed from the open, wherein the inner peace of memory and being reside within the innermost (i.e., defenseless) chamber of the non-atrial/ventricular heart)— that displaces the rational mind into a rational narration animated by a disciplinary discourse — it mistakes the house of being for aesthetics — projecting itself into existence through the subjection and representation of theorized objects by means of sublimation, a more humane objectification carrying with it the vir(tu)al complex always already estranged in the material products of its ideology. Objectification advances through Munchausen by proxy shaped by the application of psychic technique— self-fulfilling prophecy, divination procedure, schematized semantics, universalized discourse, material reproduction, scrying through reflection, refraction, and luminescence — to family and childhood, two fixed contingency-fixing points of application swarming far beyond their obscure psychiatric inception into more fruitful psychic realms where they can reproduce, on both sides, on all sides, a function so widely accepted, defended, and hardened that criticism of psychotherapy itself in general cannot emerge. Where masses mass and pills pill within and beyond a field so diverse, criticism of the field itself becomes impossible for the ground has vanished. By mastering the ground origin they master the currency, coalescing through the jubilant assumption of a specular neutrality that rebounds upon itself and deploys its imaginary self-talk through imaginary social relations reproduced throughout the echo chambers of professional and vir(tu)al association. By seizing through invention an infinitely open region of revision — this is the imaginary relation established by the infinite discourse of the psychotherapeutic relation, by the symbolic — the closed prolix system of psychoanalysis misrecognizes itself, blinded from its relation to the real, its real conditions of possibility, the lines of material force propagating its reproduction of folk illness, what the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual of Mental Disorders calls, like a good psychologist, only elsewhere, cultural concepts of distress. Immediately the neurodivergent celebrate, imbibing diagnostically the televised revolution.

Beyond this interminable scientific field of recursive failure ad infinitum, the undertaker goes over, beyond the infantilization of man. There beyond does the underman take over.

Psychiatric, cognitive, and behavioral therapies constitute not only singularity but also facile targets, for they knowingly reproduce Consumptive normality through correction, monoamine neurotransmitters, inflammation, and the calculated heritability of major depression disorder. Where exists the gay gene? And the stammering nucleotides? In any event, there are no bastards here amidst the psy-complex short-circuiting itself through the psychopathological, psychosociological, psychoanthropological, psychoeducational, psychoorganizational, psychoforensic, psychooccupational, psychoeconomic, psycholinguistic, psychooperational, psychospatial, psychotemporal, psychoenvironmental, psychoarchitectural, psychoathletic, psychoengineering, psychohistorical, psychonomic, psychooncologic, psychophysical, psychopharmacological, psychosexual, psychodemographic, psychopodiatric, psychopedologic, psychogeographic, psychoclimatological, psychosocial, and psychometric forces crystallizing where other disciplines short circuit. Here optimized best practices induce failure to survive and the agreed upon conversion disorder codifies the doctor who emerges through the condensation of Stockholm syndrome and hypochondriasis and metastasizes through mass psychogenic illnesses that castrate man into juvenile oblivion. How is this reproduction secured? By Homo Psychologus. Throughout the sold-out nooks and crannies of infinitely varied training grounds and pill mills, submission to psychology flourishes. Kneel down, move your lips, believe. Find the cure. Ingest biopolitics pilled into speech.

But the undertaker refuses the sanguine ideological and material vir(tu)al reproduction of validation and voyeurism stemmed by therápōn, the companion of lower rank, the servant, the slave, finding himself otherwise, living how he always has and will— there outside the inside and inside, outside the office, amidst the taking-leave eccentricities of the life-process.

As the folded-in neuro-tic is convinced to generate by means of idiosyncrasy the prefabricated narrative, the patient client is granted doubt and induced to analyze it endlessly while vir(tu)ally vir(tu)alizing through the ethical dissemination of clinical vignette. Thus does the transgender communist practitioner remain networked and disciplined within a strategic deployment that produces and reproduces the folded-in Consumptive subject determined to impress the Other by means of cultural concepts of distress, corporate work for example and representative money too. As a conservative ideological strategy of contemporary vir(tu)al Consumption reproducing the various client-server models denounced by the self-identified awakened, psychotherapeutic consumption subjects its participants humanely with their permission as seigniorage subjects the laborer, thus securing the reproduction of relations of production and vir(tu)al representation — even through the disciplined pandemonium of a vir(tu)al pandemic. Which two businesses have traditionally been recession-proof since time immemorial? Certain aspects of show business… and Our Thing. A third modus operandi enters the primal scene. Through advertising and technology subjection spreads, convincing the sick of their sickness, convincing the vir(tu)al of their vir(tu)ality. Like a multilevel marketing scheme, psychotherapy enlists distributors to recruit other distributors. Thus does it go within biopolitical configurations: the exception constructs the rule, the emergency bloats the bureaucracy, the management of risk and life covers the entire surface to preempt the dangerous exception and goes on, exceeding the covered, covering itself onwards like the infolded neurotic, the mapped territory, the spectacular representation of spectacle. Thus do by means of the spectacle the masses agree. A single attack generates a War on Terror. A few suggestible well-to-do women spawn the psychological society. Through therapeutic industry the American obsession with happiness inherited from the Greeks colonizes the world, producing and proliferating far beyond the obscure beginnings that preceded the population of the population, beyond the beginnings far more obscure than the growing patient stockpile. The will to happiness configured by the vir(tu)al delivers over therapy to the colonization of life, maintaining pilled misery throughout that brief detainment most often exploited to further erode the soul. Thus do the country-house-private-school not save. Meaning does not redeem. Outstripped by danger, the saving power does not grow.

Through the advent of the computer, the final stage of the vir(tu)al, only the underman retains access to salvation. But it fails actively where cosmically vital maladjustment overflows, where by means of the fragmented oceanic waves plumbed deep to the trench, כּוֹסִי רְוָיָה.

Without pretension the most popular forms of psychotherapy — behavioral, cognitive, psychiatric— operate in this way, cloaking the therapeutic alliance where psychotherapy itself does without exception— in the clinic, in the waiting room, in the office, in the school, in the prison, in the media. Is there a wonder why it has swarmed so robustly through this particular social world? Psychotherapy depsychiatrizes, yes, at times, psychiatry, as psychosurgery and psychopharmacology once did. But it does so only as prop no matter the bacquet angles of the indulged. Through the point of applications psychotherapy inherited — an infolded childhood and the theatrical transferential game of the asylum between the confined and the confined — arbitrary rhetorical difference is outstripped by analogy, by the therapon relation. The pantomime of inherited discourse for a fee — a fee that accompanies the transference to intensify and solidify the asymmetrical relation — indeed outstrips: you will pay me to love-hate me, reinscribe your dislocation into dislocation, make it all palatable, pay me and come forever, I will not push you away excessively, if I do we will discuss it, you are broken and I will heal you, I was broken and I have been healed, it is not you, it is your childhood, it is not you, it is your chemical imbalance, now pay for your absolution, whether or not I tell you it is not you is beside the point, the point is the entrance into the game, the payment, the speech. Both causative claims, those of childhood and chemicals, take form in the psychic prophecy, in the infallible spit-out of the vague semantics regurgitated in the name of the universal. Through the circuit of papal infallibility belief spreads and reaps rewards. Take the child-rearing economy for example where psychodynamic therapies go where psychiatric cannot and vice versa, even still when psychologists begin to write narcotic prescriptions — a coming attraction that will induce psychiatric technologies elsewhere by means of the vir(tu)al and exceed itself through the intensification of digital prescription through which the pill-popping will become even more automated and microscopic, the interminable self-licking ice cream cone will go on. Just as psychiatry drugs, following the good analyst’s referral, an undercounted 25% of the United States population and climbing, vir(tu)al psychiatry, far more powerful than the inkling of telemedicine, will circulate dependency and victimization through the blessings of scientism just as it does now but worse as actual software supplants neuronal doctrine and hardware electrochemical topography. If you were bleeding, you would put on a Band-Aid; you would take Aspirin — 200,000,000 units and 3,000,000,000 dollars per American year respectively — for the essential work.

But the undertaker seeks no Band-Aid for he unfolds without self-consciousness, without happiness, without the headaches of interminably internalized pathologically habituated narration. He was not formed long ago through childhood, as the universe was, so they say. He is not sick. He need not kiss and tell on his way over

Now indeed soon a new closed system will outstrip the present fetish. The more expensive the better for one gets the client-server for what one pays. Psychotherapy has already superseded religion — therapy and prayeth hang together as anagram — and carries on the magical power of the Word, delivering salvation for priestly sinners. They see the beginnings of the coming supercession through the hallucinations codified through the metaversal throne, through vir(tu)al reality, that rapidly approach consensus in the wake of Western Buddhism, now they go South. The consensus already moved from the pessary, that round stone used for a special sort of game, to Sertraline, from the asylum to the tastefully decorated office, from hysteria to melancholy and from neurosis to depression, from the uni-directional pessary and unidirectional chlorpromazine to bidirectional methylphenidate and tridirectional fluoxetine to quaddirectional talk and neuromodulation therapy to the impending ultra high bandwidth brain-machine interface of Neuralink, 7400 Paseo Padre Parkway in Fremont, where we believe that the best way to design a product for people with disabilities is by collaborating with people with disabilities. So now to where? Beneath the ordered disordered skull . The QR code has laid in advance it, its penetration beneath the outer layer, the crust, they say, by means of mathematics they say, by, they say, variant GK Delta B.1.617.221A hCoV-19 India ILSGS00941 2020 EPI ISL 1663516 2020–12–12 . Biot(echn)ic intervention spreads from obscure application to urban early adopters to sheep through instantaneous folded-in communication — What hath God wrought! — asymptotically approaching zero. Normalization occurs along the four axes — the socioeconovir(tu)al, the internal lines of force driving therapeutic consumption, the theoretical economy of vir(tu)al representation, the extrapolative abstraction of repression through other disciplinary networks — governing the alienated and ego-obsessed in the overdetermined system determined by vir(tu)al Consumption — it is the payment that liberates the transference for it absolves a symbolic debt — in the last instance. The alienist would not take the pessary — perhaps in private it could fit in his anus, it is a possibility laying out in advance the soon-to-be divorced couple playing with butt plugs and smart-phone (social-media) celebrations of their partnership, certainly now it would fit — but the analyst, following the invention of modern mental illness, following the contagion of psychotherapy, will take the Venlafaxine. How electrodes have advanced by means of warm, inviting language! How nootropics lift the fog! The drugged drugs the drugged with drugs, word, silence, pill, and screen, with a sufficient quantity of techniques to fill the map covering the territory that does not exist, to cover the vir(tu)al territory vir(tu)ally. They await with abated breadth further progress: autonomies produced by discourses of autonomies predetermined and broadcast through the boundaries, trauma, and safety of vir(tu)al Consumption.

Below all this does the underman go over. Below does he scale the alighted abyssal range.

As the introduction of electronic window control introduces the necessity of igniting the machine before manipulating its openness, as the introduction of digital data introduces the necessity of the vir(tu)al report and layers of monitoring and redundancy, as the therapist needs a therapist and the schoolchild a backpack, as the textbook an ebook to protect the spine, production necessitates reproduction, the vir(tu)al contagion of psychotherapeutics reproduces itself by inducing demand as a widened highway generates intensified traffic. Traffic reproduces itself by means of Google Maps and neurosis reproduces itself by means of psychotherapy. Together they proliferate through submission, through the indefinite postponement of the sign — the motor of any organized religious life more serious than Coke Zero. Psycho-anal-ysis, the opiate of the masses, and they would have it no other way, today stripped of its snake oil would become a capital-reproducing academic department like the rest — the pardon is asked of the minisculy few inspired researchers engaging history beyond their reputation, beyond corporate politics — in American schools exempt from taxation, as private foundations are, where departments produce indefinitely breaking news long after the passing of necessity with their European undertakers, those pioneers outside Plato’s Academy Awards. But they want particular quantities of money for the Consumption of their souls. And so the Father was struck by destiny as Paul the Jew: both admitted the potent impotence of the treatment reproducing itself through a perverse implantation, through the material installation of a well-adjusted ideological interiority — the excerebrated and eviscerated Pharaoh enters the afterlife conceived through ideological practice as the Unconscious and/or Christianity is implanted for discovery— by means of invagination: infolding forms an envelope, the envelope is filled with a Trojan horse, it vir(tu)ally replicates like the SULFNBK.EXE chain letter instructing recipients to cleanse the detected vir(tu)ality and then pass on the message. So the vir(tu)al coalesces by means of benignity as an operating system component does: thus is driven the professional induction of the analysand and his technological evangelization in the face of Consumptive challenges on both sides, a network that expands through the seven holy stages of vir(tu)al reproduction — attachment, invagination, coat-stripping for core access, translation, synthesis, assembly, liberation.

But he who occupies both sides, he who faces Consumptive difficulties without false prayer, faces mortality. The undertaker goes over without employment, without the employment back-up server plan, fully to the subterranean, over fully through the tunnel destined for undertaking, destined for the underman.

Crucial in this field becomes the countertransference of the profitable indefinite postponement — the attribution of meaning to everything, to all surfaces, to everything until the map exceeds the territory that no longer exists, until colonization functions through the installation of schematized eccentric interiority. Nothing is too small to reflect Desire. Thus do they enter the great Western tradition of the examination of the minute, of minutiae, of childhood, of the juvenile delinquent, the idiot, the dysfunctional family, the inspection that disciplines the subjected down to the so-called chromosomes and atoms, the meditation that splits the breath into fifteen segments. Here the democratic leveling and infantilization of the biographical through criminal, documentary, and psychological analyses climax in the social-media marketing of an academic psychoanalysis of a streamed Superhero sequel, in the corporate cog’s invocation of identity politics. Now freed from dependency, they cultivate themselves, freed to attend to what matters: why do mountains exist, why do I brush my teeth so forcefully, why am I annoyed by my father, why do I spontaneously imagine decapitating my self, why do I constantly interpose, going back and forth between things, my skin regimen, my medication regimen, my Western Buddhist regimen for example, why do I refuse to complete one in one go and then go to the next, is it indicative of a defect, of a sickness, will I sabotage the accomplishment of my professional ambitions through this habit, is it because I fear commitment, is it my father, is it my mother, am I always already mediated and acting out? Is analysis terminable? Did spacetime precede the Planck epoch amidst the initial singularity?

To the extent he concerns himself with interiority, the undertaker asks how and where for he knows man was found in this place ready-made. The underman relinquishes, sometimes invoking the Panspermic refusal, the why to the childhoods from where he steals naïveté on his way over.

The formation of homo therapeuticus once produced brilliant theory, brilliant linguistic game. Replacing the Father’s contempt for his objects — decisive was his contribution to the vir(tu)alization of man, his vir(tu)alienation — and his disinterest in charity with warm understanding castrates the titillating theory to solve the contagion question: hysteria in other words, and in still other, the capitalized problem of confinement to obscurity. Let it be humane. Let it spread. Let them become human. A warm understanding, the alleged displacement of suggestion by idiosyncrasy, the reminder that he who is supposed to know knows naught, the execution of payments in excess of those of the Father, approximately forty Kronen, all these techniques bring wide the countless conceits into palatability, exploiting that most seductive rule: tell me everything and you will feel better, tell me everything and I will feel better, tell me your sickness, show me, become sick, resistance is futile, it constitutes inherent symptom, it codifies the treatment, you are special, I am special, time’s up, the next one comes, I will speak of you without divulging your name, John, you can trust me, ask my institutional pimp, there is no judgment here, no morality, we agree to confine our discoursing to discourse, do dream of our intercourse, any concerns we can discuss, in doing so your faith is restored, you will feel better through speech. Thus do the claqueurs and Rudaali yield to the hired ear and laugh track by means of the secret whisper, the radical transgression of capitalized prohibition: by speaking I transgress, by speech I am. Repression necessitates vir(tu)al liberation — they go Clear — and also pleasure, victimization, and payment. Only there can I be heard. Only there can I be understood, especially when my words are parroted back idiosyncratically. All honor to these beneficent spirits! Elsewhere they confess and it works not. Well it does, everywhere nowadays, but with a different intensity, for the Great Confinement codifies the confession, legitimates it, and records it for the sake of the rest. Patients are responsible for paying for all scheduled sessions and if cancellation occurs twenty-four hours or more beyond the appointment, every effort possible will be made to reschedule the missed session.

An undertaker would never indulge this. It is completely without question. Actual mentors, ethical and strong beings, abound unboundedly. Throygh there does the underman take over.

Take for example Dr. Janet Wozniak (professor of psychiatry at Harvard, where she received a B.A. in Economics) who directs the Pediatric Bipolar Disorder Clinical and Research Program, the Doctor overseeing the Bressler Clinical and Research Program for Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Child and Adolescent Outpatient Service, the Doctor taking charge of Quality and Safety in the Department of Psychiatry in Massachusetts General Hospital where she received a Women’s Careers Faculty Development Award — they applaud the integration of women — and executed research with capital from the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation (originally called the National Alliance for Research on Schizophrenia & Depression, the top non-governmental funder of mental health research grants according to RAND, 747 Third Avenue, 33rd Floor), she is the Doctor Consuming for the Stanley Medical Research Institute (wherein a highly recommended tissue collection of so-called schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and major depression resides at 9800 Medical Center Drive, Suite C050, Rockville, MD), the Doctor unknowingly pocketed by the National Institutes of Mental Health, which was once called the Mental Hygiene (a long forgotten term but not) Division within the United States Public Health Service Bureau of Medical Services. This Doctor provided the psy-complex’s response — certainly the therapist has a therapist, but who supervises the supervisor? — to a Tuft psychiatrist’s drugging of a four-year-old, a little girl whose parents forced her to take too much medicine, to death , too much clonidine, Depakote, and Seroquel. We support early diagnosis and treatment because the symptoms of bipolar disorder are extremely debilitating and impairing. It’s incumbent on us as a field to understand more which pre-schoolers need to be identified and treated in an aggressive way.

The Doctor’s incumbency goes well: in the United States the drugs drug an undercounted 85,000 0-to-1 year olds, 138,822 2-to-3 year olds, 215,120 4-to-5 year olds, 2,600,000 6-to-12 year olds, and 3,2000,000 13-to-17 year olds. It’s departed zero like smart-phone narcosis. Drugs spread to infants and pets and induced demand, the Snackwell Effect, and Parkinson’s Law combine to construct the transference in order to analyze it, beckoning close the worshipper to analyze the divine relation for a fee in honor of the laboratory experiment outside the exterior inside in safe communication with it. Warm intimacy governs both obsession with ego-identity — it mobilizes narcissism’s cannibalization of social relations, valuating the unreliable narration of interiority, diluting the activity of man — and group governance on both sides through constellations of disciplined asterisms crowning — the work is hard — practitioners beyond a reasonable doubt. And so therapeutics, in other words the narration of victimhood, define politics and the self in this world of alleged fragmentation, a world actually sutured by a completing homogeneity produced and reproduced by masked industries of difference. Only now can the reproduction of individuality decapitate its objects through the conceit of the Unconscious, leaving over the headless horsemen of the therapeutic apocalypse harbinging the age of the classless opiate, the Vir(tu)al Insertion, the intravir(tu)al device. Save the children. Win the future.

Away from there runs the banditing undertaker going over, taking leave, fleeing shot through with glee — over, above, and over and over as the airy castles made of sand crash down beyond the breaking waves beyond the office and screen memory. He welcomes the therapeutic apocalypse. Here in this way does the underman take over.

Hic locus est ubi mors gaudet succurrere vitae

Hic manebimus optime.